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In the realm of spine surgery, wrong-level surgery accounts for nearly 20% of all malpractice cases in the United States. Qmetis believes this is an avoidable complication for both patients and hospitals and has developed its spinal cord injury solution, SpineQx, as a newer pathway to help further decrease the risk of wrong level surgery.

Wrong-level spine surgery is often the result of transitional vertebrae which can cause the interpreter of the imaging (MRI or Xray) to give a designation that is inconsistent as compared to another interpreter. SpineQx seeks out and instantly finds these inconsistencies in the electronic medical records and changes the nomenclature to the most consistent read.

SpineQx is a data driven, contemporary approach to retiring wrong-level spine surgery as a troublesome event in critical care for hospitals here and abroad.

For more information on SpineQx, contact us at info@qmetis.com

January 2024 

Spine surgery software
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