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ConcussionQx is an initial diagnostic and clinical assessment tool from healthcare technology firm Qmetis, with its mission to bring the latest treatment guidance to all involved in the care of each and every concussion patient. As a more contemporary approach to global concussion care, ConcussionQx delivers with speed and ease of use, always up-to-date science. ConcussionQx provides all the resources necessary for the clinician in quickly and accurately diagnosing a concussion, its severity, and then providing the precise and proper treatment plan ultimately guiding decisions on Return to Learn, Play, Service and Life.

48hr concussion care plan

Return to Full Health

  • Always Current Best Practice Tool to Assist Injury Identification / Care Management
  • A Real-Time Clinical Diagnostic / Screening Tool
  • A Coordinated Evidence-Based Care Plan
  • Post-Concussion Syndrome Guidance for Specialist Physicians
  • Identify Individual and Organizational Strengths and Weaknesses in Providing Best Care
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