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The Future of Concussion Care. Concussion is now one of the fastest growing injuries in the United States and one of the leading reasons children go to the emergency departments of U.S. hospitals. Though youth and sports concussion have brought needed attention, this injury can affect any demographic group. The challenges of concussion care remain a quick and accurate diagnosis, total care coordination, and prompt attention to lingering symptoms. These challenges are all addressed by ConcussionQx Sport, an all-in-one tool powered by Qmetis, present from pre-injury to complete recovery. 

ConcussionQx Sport is built for:    

Welcome to ConcussionQx Sport. The Qmetis ConcussionQx Sport app is a more contemporary approach to global concussion care from healthcare technology firm Qmetis. ConcussionQx Sport delivers with speed, ease of use, and always up-to-date science all the resources for the injured, the student-athlete, the soldier, the parent, coach, teacher, healthcare practitioner, hospital staff, or urgent care centers.

ConcussionQx’s mission is to bring the latest science to all involved in the care of a concussion patient, helping with diagnosis, care, and decisions on Return to Learn, Play, Service and Life.

Concussion App

50 % of all Concussions in the U.S. Go Unreported

25% of All Concussion Victims Fail to get Assessed by Proper Medical Personnel

Children Account for 80% of the $1.6B in Healthcare Costs for TBI Each Year

According to the CDC’s 2017 HEADS UP Study; 15% of Student-Athletes (2.5 million), Reported One Concussion in Prior Year

69% of Student-Athletes Played with Symptoms 

40% Said Their Coach was Unaware They had a Concussion

Return to Learn

  • Always Current Best Practice Tool to Assist Identification / Management 
  • A Real-Time Clinical Diagnostic / Screening Tool
  • A Coordinated Evidence-Based Care Plan for All Stakeholders to See
  • Performance Metrics and Clinical Pathways for Returning to School

Return to Play

  • An Education Tool to Help Awareness and Minimize  Concussion Incidence
  • Daily Communication Between Injured Person, Family, Physician, Coach, Athletic Director, Medical Lead
  • Better Care Plan, Better Recovery, and More Fuller Recovery

Return to Full Health

  • A Real-Time Clinical Diagnostic / Screening Tool for Hospital Emergency Departments
  • Better Care Plan, Better Recovery, and More Fuller Recovery
  • Identify Individual and Organizational Strengths and Weaknesses in Providing Best Care

Return to Service

  • Daily Care Communication Between Injured Person, Supervisory Officials, Physician
  • Provide Performance Metrics and Clinical Pathway for Returning to Service
  • Post-Concussion Syndrome Guidance for Specialist Physicians
Concussion Hospital App
Concussion App Reporting

ConcussionQx Sport is for:

Athletic Trainers: 

  • Maximizes Time and Better Coordinates Data 
  • Monitors Each Case in a Faster, Simpler Way 
  • Provides Clear, Precise Feedback on Pace of Recovery 
  • Expertly Guides Return to Play 
  • Keeps all Constantly Up to Date with Latest Treatment Guidelines

School Administrators: 

  • Expertly Guides Return to Learn and Play
  • Ensures Schools are in Compliance with State Regulations
  • Identifies the Need for Post-Concussion Care

Coaches and Athletic Directors: 

  • Guides Prompt Removal from Play
  • Provides Clear, Precise Feedback on Pace of Recovery 
  • Expertly Guides Return to Play 

Urgent Care Centers and Clinics:

  • Positions You to Capture Local Hospital ER Case Overflows
  • Prepares You to Become the Local Expert Around One of America’s Fastest-Growing Injuries
  • Provides You the Tools to Manage this Important, but Low-Acuity Case, Flawlessly.
  • Ensures You and Your Center are Always Up-To-Date, Consistently Providing Evidence-Based Care
  • Provides this Within Most any Urgent Care Center Budget

Hospitals and Emergency Room Doctors: 

  • Ensures Hospitals Up to Date with Latest Treatment Guidelines
  • Ensures Appropriate Diagnosis
  • Ensures Appropriate Care Plan, Every Patient

The Power of Coordination

ConcussionQx’s communications network is built to keep everyone involved in the care process up to date on the patient’s progress and wellness and return to full health.

Concussion Venn Diagram
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From Baseline to Injury to Full Recovery…ConcussionQx Sport.

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