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ConcussionQx; A New Approach to Global Concussion Care

New York, New York. New York-based Qmetis, Inc. announced the release of its latest decision-support tool, ConcussionQx, for the care of concussions.

Concussion is now one of the fastest-growing injuries in the United States and one of the leading reasons children visit the emergency departments of U.S. hospitals. Despite its often low acuity, concussion is a mild traumatic brain injury and misdiagnosed or mistreated, can lead to lingering issues with potentially lasting complications. While the concussions of recent years from professional athletes and uniformed personnel have brought attention to the injury, concussions can affect any demographic.

ConcussionQx, powered by Qmetis, is a care communication tool designed to address the primary challenges of concussion care; quick and accurate diagnosis, total care coordination, appropriate timing around Return to Learn and Return to Play, and prompt attention to lingering symptoms. ConcussionQx will assist hospital emergency departments, urgent care centers, schools, and athletic trainers, both here and abroad.

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