Simple technology solving complex problems

Finding the Future Faster.

In 2030, we think fast, precise, intuitive, and yet still simple technologies will remain at the core of solving the next decade’s complex problems.
Our current work delivers quality assessment and quality assurance and performance improvement, real-time staff training, risk management, reduced variance in care and secondary illness, and does that in moments. QFutures will do it in a single second.
At Qmetis we want to help see and shape what healthcare will look like a decade from now. And QFutures is designed to find that future, faster.
Antimicrobial Stewardship… Welcome to InfectionQx
Data-driven and future ready, Qmetis’ InfectionQx for antimicrobial stewardship is an evidence-based and AI-supported approach to the nuanced field of infection care.

At the center of InfectionQx is its instantly accessible global knowledge base presenting clinicians with appropriate peer-reviewed literature and key data on relevant patient cases identifying the most optimal therapies quickly and flawlessly.

Rich with case study providing resistance and prescribing patterns, InfectionQx can reduce the need for original research and decision-making on often inadequate information while reducing the time to deliver the most effective targeted therapies.
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