One Eleven Group and EBM Care Announce Marketing Partnership

One Eleven Group and EBM Care Announce Marketing Partnership

NEW YORK, NY (September 1, 2014) – New York-based EBM Care, Inc. and One Eleven Group (Cornwall, Connecticut) announced today a partnership charging One Eleven Group with the management of web design, collateral design, and external marketing communications efforts for EBM Care. One Eleven Group has already begun development of the marketing and support materials behind EBM Care’s newest product launch, for the treatment of malaria, a product scheduled to be rolled out in the first quarter of 2015 in parts of Western and Eastern Africa. One Eleven Group will manage additional tasks for future product rollouts and support of EBM Care’s existing products.

About EBM Care. EBM Care is a medical informatics company building software solutions for doctors and nurses that place evidence-based treatment guidelines for a specific illness at the point of care, where the greatest difference in costs and outcomes can be achieved. EBM Care’s first products are for adult and pediatric traumatic brain injury.

About One Eleven Group. One Eleven Group is a health care marketing agency with a focus on the digital world but with significant traditional media experience as well. Clients have included top-tier Rx and OTC pharmaceutical firms such as Pfizer, Merck, and J&J. Tele-health care clients such as Viterion and AMC Health, health care insurance companies such as Access Health CT, and health care nonprofits round out OEG’s client list. The agency also serves a variety of entrepreneurial startups and restarts and serves local businesses, helping them to maximize their potential while helping larger companies think more like entrepreneurs. For more information, visit

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