Making Change: Innovation to Implementation

Making Change: Innovation to Implementation

Creating innovation is a challenge all by itself. Paying for the long hours of imagining, building, and revising and then building again can be costly. Once built and ready to make its mark, funding the implementation of an innovation – whether it is a tool or a technique or a unique software solution – can be costly too. The innovation that drives discovery is the same type of innovation that has brought forward a newer way to fund delivery of discovery: pay for success.

An emerging payment and program model both here in the United States and abroad, pay for success is grounded in a brilliant focus on results and being able to measure precisely what results a given program, a given innovation, a new process or procedure has achieved. And only when that achievement is documented are those involved paid.

Though such a concept has lived for decades inside the private contractor, legal, consulting, and entertainment worlds, its arrival inside government and American health care has broader meaning. Pay for success as a tool to bring government, innovators, entrepreneurs, and well-meaning philanthropies together to launch programs that were previously unaffordable, can bring better care, better outcomes, and better and longer lives to many.

Innovation budgets for corporations and governments in difficult times are often the first to be stricken as nonessential. But innovation is always essential if any old problem is to ever have a new solution. Pay for success can make possible again dynamic programs that state, local, and federal governments’ budgets can no longer fund, while heightening everyone’s focus on measurable results.

Qmetis supports pay for success programs throughout the United States and believes in the effectiveness of its own products and approach, and the measurability of what we do, to engage with states throughout the country on pay for success initiatives in adult traumatic brain injury, pediatric traumatic brain injury, and soon stroke, sepsis, and childhood asthma.

You are likely to find more here in the months ahead on our efforts in pay for success.

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