The best care delivered at the point of care, in real-time, almost always leads to a lower cost of care. Qmetis’s software has reduced costs for hospitals, insurers, and the government by placing the latest care standards at clinicians’ fingertips.


Before anything else, Qmetis is a real-time, point-of-care, education tool. Allowing us to help doctors and nurses with bedside knowledge and performance improvement through evidence-based care.


The Qmetis software provides real-time quality assessment and quality assurance, identifying variance in care, and ensuring that the latest science is always known; every shift, every patient.


A quick and consistent way to lower costs, improve outcomes, and maintain the highest levels of quality is to utilize decision-support tools that are collaborative, interactive, easy to use – and always current.

Challenge of Concussion Care


The Challenge of Concussion Care

Understanding and building the future of concussion care.

Media attention on concussions has raised the profile of this frequent injury. But because the underlying biological pathophysiology is not clearly defined, progress has been slow in defining the critical features, course, and prognostic signs. Variability in diagnosis and treatment becomes a rate-limiting step as research studies include cases of unknown diagnostic validity.


Qmetis is a health care technology company built around the science of evidence-based medicine. We build web-based, unique, and interactive quality assessment and quality assurance decision-support tools for doctors and nurses that deliver the latest evidence-based medicine treatment guidelines in real-time, at the patient’s bedside.

Our fast and interactive decision-support tools are designed to place the very latest standards of care right at doctors’ and nurses’ fingertips. Our tools help increase compliance with evidence-based guidelines, and as compliance increases, patient outcomes improve. And improved outcomes can reduce the cost of care.

To learn more about how Qmetis can help increase performance improvement and deliver the latest standards of care every day. Welcome to Qmetis. Welcome to what’s next.

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We believe simple technology can solve complex problems…tomorrow’s problems.

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The Qmetis program is an interactive quality assessment and quality assurance software system that helps hospitals and medical staffs reliably and consistently deliver evidence-based care directly at the point of care.

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The Qmetis software is fast and easy to use.  And getting started is just as fast and easy.

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