Qmetis Foundation

The Qmetis Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization whose original mission was to help develop evidence-based treatment guidelines that lead to better medical outcomes for patients and lower cost of care for payers.

The Foundation remains dedicated to helping develop evidence-based treatment guidelines across a broad range of illnesses by bringing together leading physicians and researchers from all over the world who, working together over time, will deliver new treatment guidelines.

The Qmetis Foundation raises the funding necessary to support such projects and supports the work of the team throughout what can be a lengthy process of investigation, discovery, and ultimate consensus.

It is the Foundation’s aim to then help deliver such treatment guidelines to all those who may benefit, including the most needy, wherever they may be found.

In recent months, the Foundation has taken on the additional mission of exploring and supporting pay for performance programs throughout the United States whereby the Qmetis software can be part of a broader effort to deliver important health care services within pay for performance initiatives that focus on very measured results and payments made only upon documentation of those results.

For more information on the Qmetis Foundation, contact us.

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