Finding the Future Faster

Finding the Future Faster

How can healthcare professionals stay ahead of an ever-changing technology landscape when advances are made almost daily that affect us all?

Here at Qmetis we are trying to answer that question through our own daily work – and now through QFutures – our newest division. QFutures is today creating platforms where the latest technology and innovation trends are reviewed with a critical eye so that we can provide insight and tools for our partners to thrive in the next 5, 10, or 15 years.

By looking at all sources of possible innovation and impact on our industry – from changes in distribution networks, to education, to fringe breakthroughs, to government policies, to public health needs (i.e. future pandemics) and the economy – we are developing and drawing out the trends and patterns that are at the undercurrent of these seemingly unrelated sources. From there, our team is developing scenarios of where we think the world will be at different time frames in the future and then crafting the software solutions that can address future needs. And the scenarios are many.

What if innovation in computing power creates a leap in AI development? With new AI models, laws and policies will then have to be created to govern the application of these new models. Then how do we in healthcare take advantage of that new AI development for advanced patient analytics and treatment analysis without exposing our patients or endangering their care?

QFutures was formed to go beyond the reactive roles to disruptions in healthcare and instead of becoming an active driver of change and innovation. Welcome to what’s next.

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