EBM Care, Madaktari Africa, and Innovative eMedical Solutions Announce Joint Effort to Fight Malaria in the Developing World

EBM Care, Madaktari Africa, and Innovative eMedical Solutions Announce Joint Effort to Fight Malaria in the Developing World

NEW YORK, NY (August 15, 2014) – EBM Care, Inc., Madaktari Africa (Tanzania), and Innovative eMedical Solutions (Lynchburg, Virginia) announced today a partnership to develop a unique mobile app clinical support tool for caregivers, designed to combat malaria in the developing world. The app, available in both Apple and Android formats, is being developed for those who live in and for those who care for people who live in the developing world, with an initial focus on the continent of Africa. Malaria kills one child every minute in Africa.

This joint effort is grounded in the knowledge that malaria is both over- and under-diagnosed, and the new mobile app tool will allow for consistent, appropriate treatment that should lead to lower costs, less drug resistance, and more accurate diagnosis. The companies announced that a pilot program will begin in both the east and west of Africa in select countries in the first quarter of 2015 and last for 3 to 5 months, preceding a more expansive rollout in the fall of 2015 and into the beginning of 2016.

The rollout and training of local staff in each participating country will be led by Madaktari local staff on the ground in each country. The app will be interactive and based on World Health Organization guidelines for the treatment of malaria, and will have data storage and analytics that allow for tracking of disease patterns and prevalence by geography, time of year, and weather as well as compliance with the guidelines.

About EBM Care. EBM Care is a medical informatics company building software solutions for doctors and nurses that place evidence-based treatment guidelines for a specific illness at the point of care, where the greatest the greatest difference in costs and outcomes can be achieved. EBM Care’s first products are for adult and pediatric traumatic brain injury. For more information, click here.

About Madaktari Africa. Madaktari Africa is a unique nonprofit with a mission of sharing specialty medical knowledge at a grassroots level, reaching over-worked and underserved physicians and their patients. Madaktari Africa spans all health care sectors: rural and urban hospitals, academic centers, governmental agencies. Its approach is designed to lead to developing countries becoming more autonomous and to break the cycle of dependence on outside aid organizations. For more information, visit madaktrai.org.

About Innovative eMedical Solutions. Innovative eMedical Solutions is a unique health care technology company with the mission of bringing evidence-based medicine to the clinician’s fingertips for optimal quality medical care. The company has developed clinical advisers for multiple disease processes that have proven value and financial impact while providing point-of-care decision guidance.

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