Corwen and Qmetis Announce Partnership

Corwen and Qmetis Announce Partnership

NEW YORK, NY (February 8, 2019) – New York-based Qmetis, Inc. and Corwen, LLC (Raleigh, North Carolina) announced today their agreement for Corwen to develop Qmetis’s newest technology platform around its “Clickless” software and all of its pending mobile applications.

“When presented the opportunity to partner with a company whose mission is to guide medical providers in giving their patients the very best healthcare and help improve patient outcomes you don’t hesitate to be a part of that kind of truly impacting project” said Cowen Founder Gwen Allen, “and we believe Corwen is uniquely positioned to help Qmetis achieve its mission of helping doctors and nurses around the world have the fastest, easiest access to the latest evidence-based guidelines.” 

About Qmetis. Qmetis is a medical informatics company building software solutions for doctors and nurses that place evidence-based treatment guidelines for a specific illness at the point of care, where the greatest difference in costs and outcomes can be achieved. Qmetis’s first products are for adult and pediatric traumatic brain injury, stroke, and spinal cord injury.

About Corwen. Corwen works as a full service IT solutions company specializing in custom software development, system integrations, and process automation, within the healthcare field.

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