ConcussionQx; A New Approach to Global Concussion Care

ConcussionQx; A New Approach to Global Concussion Care

New York, New York. New York-based Qmetis, Inc. announced the release of its latest decision-support tool, ConcussionQx, for the care of concussions.

Concussion is one of the fastest-growing injuries in the United States and one of the leading reasons children visit hospital emergency departments across the country. Despite often being a low-acuity condition, concussion is a mild traumatic brain injury and when misdiagnosed or mistreated, can lead to lingering issues with potentially lasting complications. While professional athletes and uniformed personnel have brought attention to the injury in recent years, concussions can affect any demographic.

“ConcussionQx is a Swiss-army knife for concussion care. Meticulously supported by consensus and evidence-based best practice guidelines, Concussion Qx intends to standardize clinical and educational practices, data collection, communication and reporting. It can also function for program evaluation and surveillance”, said Arthur Maerlender, PhD, board-certified neuropsychologist and clinical lead author on ConcussionQx for Qmetis.

Concussion Qx is a clinical decision support tool designed to assist clinicians in the diagnosis, assessment and management of mTBI and sports concussions. “It combines evidence-based guidelines with recommended tools, step-by-step procedures with instructions, and case-level output for clinical documentation” said Dr. Maerlender, who is also the author of Concussion Competencies, published in 2021 here in the U.S. and abroad. Outside the United States, Qmetis’ ConcussionQx is scheduled for launch in England and Ireland in the spring of 2022.

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