“Quality is never an accident…

    “ …it is always the result of high intention and sincere effort…

         …it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.”

          –William A. Foster

Delivering Flawless Quality Assessment and Quality Assurance in 2022

…Every Patient, Every Shift

The Latest Standards of Care…Always

  Helping Hospitals With Performance Improvement

Ongoing Staff Education

Variance in Care

Average Length of Stay

Improved Patient Outcomes

“Almost all quality improvement comes via simplification.”

   –Tom Peters

Welcome to Qmetis


Before all else, Qmetis is a real-time, point-of-care, education tool helping with bedside knowledge and performance improvement through immediate and flawless access to the latest evidence-based care.


The Qmetis software provides both quality assessment and quality assurance, ensuring that the latest evidence-based treatment guidelines are always available in real-time; every shift, every patient.


A sure and simple way to address unwanted variance in care - Qmetis’ decision-support tools help maintain the highest levels of consistent quality by always presenting the latest evidence-based care for consideration.


Evidence-based care delivered at the point-of-care almost always leads to lower cost. Qmetis’ software has reduced costs for hospitals and government by placing the latest evidence-based standards at the patient’s side.

Concussion Qx Software


ConcussionQx; A New Approach to Global Concussion Care

Concussion is one of the fastest-growing injuries in the United States and one of the leading reasons children visit hospital emergency departments across the country. Despite often being a low-acuity condition, concussion is a mild traumatic brain injury and when misdiagnosed or mistreated, can lead to lingering issues with potentially lasting complications. While professional athletes and uniformed personnel have brought attention to the injury in recent years, concussions can affect any demographic.


Qmetis is a health care technology company built around the science of evidence-based medicine. We build web-based, unique, and interactive quality assessment and quality assurance decision-support tools for doctors and nurses that deliver the latest evidence-based medicine treatment guidelines in real-time, at the patient’s bedside.

Our fast and interactive decision-support tools are designed to place the very latest standards of care right at doctors’ and nurses’ fingertips. Our tools help increase compliance with evidence-based guidelines, and as compliance increases, patient outcomes improve. And improved outcomes can reduce the cost of care.

Qmetis - Evidence Based Software
Qmetis QFutures - the future of healthcare


We believe simple technology can solve complex problems.

We think fast, precise, intuitive, and yet still simple technologies will remain at the core of solving the next decade’s complex problems.


To learn more about how Qmetis can help increase performance improvement and deliver the latest standards of care every day. Welcome to Qmetis. Welcome to what’s next.

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