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Qmetis is a medical informatics company built around the science of evidence-based medicine. Here at Qmetis we build data-driven, future-ready decision-support tools that deliver the latest evidence-based treatment guidelines. every shift. Each tool is designed to focus on the significant challenges of performance improvement, variance-in-care, quality assessment, quality assurance, trauma reverification, data collection and data reporting. Welcome to Qmetis.

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The story of Qmetis, here in a minute. The global collaboration between technology and evidence-based medicine, closing the distance, between now and next.

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Qmetis’ continuing efforts to support the care of traumatic brain injured patients here in the U.S. and abroad will be strengthened now with the release of TBI+. Designed to focus on the key TBI patient measures of ICP and CPP, TBI+ provides real-time on-demand reporting for the care team in seconds, auto-calculating duration and episodes of elevated ICP for a patient’s entire stay in intensive care.

StrokeQx. Well-developed evidence-based decision-support tools can aid the work of stroke clinicians, emergency medicine physicians, non-stroke neurologists, internists, intensivists, and nursing staffs, both in stroke centers and also hospitals that provide care but without stroke expertise on site. Tertiary, academic centers and comprehensive stroke centers can also utilize decision-support tools for clinical guidance and quality improvement initiatives. Welcome to StrokeQx.


To learn more about how Qmetis’ TBIQx tools for adult and pediatric traumatic brain injury can help your ICU and NICU and PICU performance.

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We believe simple technology can solve complex problems.

We think fast, precise, intuitive, and yet still simple technologies will remain at the core of solving the next decade’s complex problems.

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  • Those who typically only set foot in a hospital as a patient or visitor may be unaware of the many external inspections, accreditations, and verifications that hospitals must regularly undergo. All hospital employees, both clinical and non-clinical, are all too familiar with these visits and have their hospital’s Command Center phone number memorized. Thanks to a few useful acronyms, they are ready to recite the hospital’s fire safety policy and procedures to a surveyor....

  • Brain Injury Awareness Month is recognized every March and provides an important opportunity to shed light on the prevalence of traumatic brain injury (TBI) in America. According to the Brain Trauma Foundation, TBI is the leading cause of death and disability in children and adults ages 1 to 44. The leading causes of TBI in the United States are falls, being struck by something or someone, and motor vehicle accidents....

  • Arthur Maerlender, PhD, ABPP-CN & Andrew Verreaux, BA Introduction Concussion diagnosis is a clinical categorization that rests on symptom reporting. However, diagnostic criteria require certain signs and symptoms to be either ruled in or ruled out. Without an accepted biomarker the variability in clinical practices......

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